Try soaking your entire body in CBD & lavender for a relaxing experience and calming aroma

If anything is true, it’s that we at VAAY have the experience to truly put into perspective what matters — our loved ones and our health (both mental and physical). We hope that you have found the time this year to take some time out for yourself to reflect and relax, as self-care is vital for our wellbeing. Cannabidiol, or CBD, can be a wonderful addition to your self-care routine for its natural and potential calming abilities. And what’s more calming than a bath? Why, a bath infused with a CBD bath bomb, of course! Consider this article your guide…

Plant-based products and meat substitutes are better for the environment.

Here at VAAY, we think nature is awesome! Naturally providing us with wholesome herbal solutions and botanical boosts helps us achieve an inner sense of well-being. That’s why we are committed to creating a more sustainable future, to look after the planet and our customers by getting back to basics through the use of natural ingredients and vegan-friendly products.

With a list of potential therapeutic benefits longer than your arm, it’s unsurprising that CBD is the rising star of food supplements in the health and wellness community. …

There’s no doubt that a post-workout cool down routine is not only extremely important but also beneficial. A proper cool-down routine allows your heart rate to return to normal and promotes relaxation. Cooling down after a workout could last anywhere from 5–10 minutes and should include some kind of stretch with gentle movements. These stretches and movements are key to getting all of the benefits out of your workout.

Don’t Skip Your Post-Workout Routine

You would be surprised how many people actually skip out on the post workout routine. …

What is meditation? Meditation is a technique for relaxing the mind. The Latin term “meditatio,” from the verb “meditari,” means among others things to ponder, contemplate, deliberate. Meditators open themselves up to silence and are thus able to discover the space of awareness of not thinking and not knowing. The thoughts calm down. Meditation is a way to contact your own intuition, inspiration and creativity. Active ingredients in CBD products, for example terpenes, can have astonishing effects if used during meditation. In this blog post, we’ll show you how terpenes can support your meditation.

Deepen your meditation: how to use terpenes to meditate more intensively

  1. Meditative practice: there are many ways…

These components of herbal medicines are said to help the body’s resilience in dealing with physical and emotional stresses

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and sick of dealing with stress and anxiety, you’re not alone, not even close. In fact, one in every five European workers endures work-related stress. With more talk about stress-related diseases and work-related burn-out, people are showing a strong interest in herbal supplements which are able to reduce the stress hormone and improve health. While this trend may be fairly new in Europe, in the rest of the world this idea never left. According to the WHO, 75% of the world’s population rely on botanical supplements to help the body with health and wellness needs…

Are you looking to brush up on your CBD knowledge? Then welcome, reader — you have come to the right place! Terpenes can often be an often-overlooked subject when it comes to CBD oil research, and this only makes it all the more interesting to examine. In this article, we will uncover everything that you need to know about terpenes and the fantastic benefits that they bring to CBD oil use. …

Next time your alarm goes off first of all turn it off (not just snooze) and GET UP!

For many people, the morning ritual starts off with a cup of tea first thing. The smell, the taste, the ritual of drinking tea in the morning is hard not to love. Although you may be used to drinking tea or coffee to wake you up in the morning, the benefits are endless when you start your day off with a cup of warm water. That’s right… Something as simple as drinking a glass of warm water has some amazing benefits. It’s so good that it can be worth reconsidering how you start your morning.

Food-wise, you may know Germany as the home of the Bratwurst sausage, but nowadays you’re just as likely to be offered a veggie burger. According to recent feedback, tourists have voted Germany one of the best countries to be a vegan. If this isn’t enough to pique your interest, CBD is also growing in popularity as a plant-derived substance with budding potential. This article will explore how vegan trends and changing German culture may inspire more ethical CBD consumption. First, let’s start with the basics.

Despite what the trends may suggest, plant-based eating is not a modern phenomenon. Throughout the…

A delicious blend of mangoes and yogurt with a touch of CBD.

What is Lassi?

World of Fermentation

Lassi Is a fermented milk beverage that has gained quite a bit of popularity in recent years. Fermenting milk isn’t a new practice, however, and people throughout the globe have been adding live cultures to milk for thousands of years. In fact, there is evidence that humanity has been fermenting milk since 10,000 BC. Fermentation prolonged the shelflife of milk and prevented the spread of food born illness. Yogurts, skyr, laban, ayran, and kefir are just a few of these fermented delicacies that have enriched the lives of their consumers and the cultures that created them. …

Herbal Smoking Blends: What Are They?

Though cannabis is good to smoke, the tricky thing about it is that it’s prohibited in some countries. There are only a few countries in the world that legally allow cannabis to be used for smoking with or without a prescription.

So are there other herbs that are safe to smoke?

Many people who smoke cannabis flower either mix it with tobacco or don’t mix it at all and smoke it pure. After the ban on tobacco smoking in pubs in 2008, coffeeshops had to find other ways for consumption indoors than the usual blend of weed and tobacco. Soon…

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Cannabis connoisseur | Philly native | based in Berlin, Germany

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