What Happens When A Medical Cannabis Patient Gets Pregnant?

Many pregnant people are using cannabis, would you?

What Official Health Organizations Think

“Pregnant women should be encouraged to discontinue use of medical marijuana for medicinal purposes in favor of an alternative therapy for which there are better pregnancy-specific safety data.”

“Our current understanding of the ECS and its role in the development of neural circuitry early in fetal life also provides “theoretical justification” for the potential of marijuana substances, particularly THC, to affect neurodevelopment.”

Pregnant Women Punished For Cannabis Use

“Current Colorado law defines a baby testing positive for a Schedule 1 substance (including recreational or medical THC or other drugs) as an instance of child neglect which requires a report to social services.”

- The Marijuana Pregnancy & Breastfeeding guide for Colorado health care providers prenatal visits

What Happens When The Entire Country Legalizes Cannabis?

“Knowledge gaps exist around quantity and quality of cannabis used, issues pertaining to breastfeeding, and the impact of different types of cannabis exposure apart from smoking”

- Clearing the smoke on cannabis: maternal cannabis use during pregnancy

Advocates For Pregnant Women’s Rights

So Is It Safe To Consume Cannabis While Pregnant?



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Alyssha Bal

Cannabis connoisseur | Philly native | based in Berlin, Germany